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Join us for a spring weekend in the City featuring workshops, performances and social dancing!
What is a Milonguero Weekend? We see it as a cosy get-together of people like yourself, who enjoy great dancing and chatting with friends and strangers. Who like to connect with other people to beautiful music, share some togetherness and go home happy. We think this is the essence of tango.

Our guest artists this weekend are:
Susana Miller
Maria Olivera & Gustavo Benzecry Saba
Oscar Casas & Ana Miguel

Susana will share with you some mind-boggling insights on tango danced from the soul, in the embrace, and with genuine abandon and total focus on your partner and the music. Susana is generous with comic relief and incisive observations about human nature, gathered over 30 years on and off the dance floors of Buenos Aires. Let Susana show you how to land softly and leave a big impression. Be sure to look up Susana on your next trip to Buenos Aires, where she runs La Academia Tango Milonguero at the famous El Beso.

Gustavo and Maria team up to bring you tango from the heart and the mind. This popular couple is well-loved in New York for their extensive knowledge and warm manner. Maria also DJs; Gustavo is a tango history buff and published author. Their classes leave the developing tanguero with a wealth of concepts to apply to their dance.

Oscar and Ana have a special talent for fun. Oscar's inventive footwork and playful musicality are always a hit with students and audiences. Ana's thoughtful advice is very much appreciated by followers. Oscar and Ana share with their students simple, powerful concepts which help further their dance experience every day. If you are looking for Oscar at the milonga, set course for the table with the laughter. Oscar is a riot.

The NYC Milonguero Weekend is brought to you by Sarah La Rocca and Tine Herreman.

Susana Miller
Maria and Gustavo
Oscar and Ana